preliminares con una escort Marbella

The preliminaries in sex are of great importance, because they manage to take you to a very special point, which will surely allow you to have an absolutely wonderful pleasure, an explosion of sensations like you have never had before.

Today we will show you a series of games that you can undoubtedly take advantage of in the preliminaries with a luxury escort.

Wet kisses, the best to start .

Well the saying goes that “that begins with the kiss” and you should take advantage of it. The lips are a very erogenous zone, so if you play games that include wet kisses with a small bite without hurting, with or without the tongue, they can produce so much pleasure that it will surprise you, especially if you give these magnificent kisses in erogenous zones that without a doubt they will awaken an absolute pleasure to your company.

Erotic shower, a second step to base the pleasure in the preliminaries with your escort

Erotic showers are a great point in the foreplay with an escort, caressing the body of an absolutely perfect woman in a shower, touching all her skin, with a slippery and soft soap, it will produce so many sensations that Without a doubt, all your senses will rise to a thousand revolutions.

Erotic dances, the temperature rises!

Of course, many times within the preliminaries with an escort there are erotic dances. Seeing sensual and wonderful hips move, as well as perfect breasts under the rhythm of a sensual song, with a sexy little dress will undoubtedly unleash your fantasy attracting all your attention and heating up the atmosphere, super sensual!

Preliminary specials with an escort, Fetishes

High-heeled shoes, balloons, role plays, food games, costumes, bondage and much more can be used as preliminaries with a luxury escort , and although they require some prior preparation, you will enjoy it a lot, for Therefore, do not deny yourself the possibility of fulfilling your fetish fantasy with the help of a beautiful girl who is an expert in breaking taboos and enjoying it to the fullest.

Erotic massages

Discovering your most delicious erogenous zones and the pleasure they can generate will cease to be an odyssey. Among the favorite preliminaries of escorts are erotic massages.

An ancient technique full of passion and seduction that will help you give and receive pleasure in ways you could never have imagined before, running through your body with soothing scented oils and touching points of pleasure that you may never have discovered before. All a sensual adventure that you will totally enjoy.

Dare to use sex toys

Vibrators, dice, rings, stimulators, gels, edible sensual clothing, massagers, board games, and even scented candles that turn into massage oil, everything is valid in order to achieve such absolute pleasure, that without a doubt you will enjoy it to the fullest, in addition, having a lot of fun on the way.

As you can see, foreplay with an escort can be an extremely sensual, fun and wonderful point, so before starting your sexual task, take some time to enjoy the sexual foreplay with the girl you are you have chosen.