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Luxury escort services

Discover the Marbella escort services of the ladies of the Michelle Gray agency, you will experience extreme pleasure.

Michelle Grey
Michelle Grey escort services

Of course, the escorts go as company ladies, participate in bachelor parties, and parties, but beyond there are some interesting services that you can greatly enjoy. Would you like to meet them?

How many times have you had sexual fantasies? Surely many, but … have you fulfilled them? Well, now is the time to do it.

Escorts services… make your fantasies come true!

Michelle Grey’s luxury escorts are truly accommodating in many aspects, however, they do not always perform all the escorts services, well, the ideal is that both are extremely comfortable in bed and have the possibility of totally enjoying themselves, that’s why you We recommend that before make your reservation , verify the services provided by each lady, in this way you will know who is willing to do it, because some of them require some experience to do it, as for example the case of BSDM.

Erotic costumes

Many couples have this space to rekindle their passion, but if you are single, and you love costumes, Michelle Grey’s escorts are experts in interpreting the specific characters that fascinate you.

A schoolgirl, a secretary, the teacher, a policeman, a cat, what do you want to play? Just say it and the escorts will be willing to dress up or dress up what you love.

Full and natural French

This is one of the most exciting experiences for a man, it involves the practice of oral sex until ejaculation, the natural French is this same practice, but without condoms and it is one of the most requested services.

A variant of this service is deep throat, but whether it can be performed depends on many factors, the first one, the practice of the escort, the second, the size of the penis, so it is an optional service, which not all the girls are willing to perform.

Greek, a matter of taste

Because the Greeks had no problems in performing this practice, anal sex is called under the name already mentioned.

The anus and rectum are areas with multiple nerve endings, so it is necessary to take certain precautions so that it truly becomes a source of pleasure.

The first is that you should always use a lubricant, a suitable condom, and also it takes time for the session to be pleasant for both of you.

Sometimes the client is the one who wants to be passive in this practice, therefore, the escort must know how to use the necessary toys and use them properly, so as not to cause any damage.

Sado, for the most daring

Spanking, foul language, playing with different objects, such as masks, handcuffs, and small, soft whips are some of the elements that are used in these sessions, but, obviously, they require an escort who knows how to perform this type of practice without causing any hurt.

It is one of the most requested experiences, and of course the focus will always be on a smooth game.

Pornstar, total exclusivity!

In this service you will find real porn actresses, who want to have experiences with you, and do not be intimidated, they love these activities with all kinds of men, so, without a doubt, you will find a super experience, you will learn too much with they!

Use of sex toys

Sex toys go beyond vibrators, as they include vibrating rings, artificial vaginas, nipple stimulating clitoral suckers, Chinese balls, male vibrators, the truth is that there is a whole selection of toys in which our escorts are experts, so you will have a really wonderful night.

The services of the escorts are wonderful, and they have a large number of variables, in such a way that you will never get bored of their services, you will always have something else to discover and learn, so, without a doubt, you will have a great time!

Accompaniment to events

Escorts can accompany you to various events , parties, meals, concerts, bars, discos, as hostesses, at bachelor parties, in this case, you will surely need several girls, so it must be planned in advance to the event.

Sexual fantasies, the specialty of escorts!

Of course, in this space you will find everything you want, within the escort services fantasies are always present, basically, this is the special function of escorts, so some of them specialize in certain events that require special techniques.

Among them are deep throat, Bondage, Discipline, Sadomasochism, and submission, which are summarized in the acronym BDSM, and of course it requires a large amount of training and, in addition, mental discipline and desire on the part of the escort, so not all are prepared for it.

In the same way, everything that has to do with fetishes: feet, hands, balloons, golden shower, and much more, you must really check the casting or ask about your fantasy when you go to make the request, because we know which girls they are. specialist in this subject.

Escorts addresses

The majority of escorts have their own address, but not all attend clients at home, so they prefer to make addresses, these can be to the place where you stay, a hotel, a house, a nightclub or the site you prefer, with total discretion.

It is a great experience, because you only have to choose the girls you like from the catalog, request one or more and voila, in 40 minutes, depending on the distance where you are, you can have a woman with beautiful curves that fulfills all your wishes. Wherever you are!

Bachelor parties and orgies

Parties will always be present in the world of escorts , but among the most fun and those who love to attend are bachelor parties and orgies.

In the former, the escorts go as company ladies, unless the boyfriend and friends are with another type of plan.

In orgies, on the other hand, the girls who attend are usually bisexual, in this way they can participate with greater freedom in this activity, one of the most incredible, satisfying, and requested in our agency.

At these parties or on your date you can include the striptease. This wonderful and sensual dance in which the escort takes off her clothes little by little, is undoubtedly one of the most requested, because in clubs you cannot have relations with the dancer, while in private shows with your escort you can.

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