escorts de alto standing

Marbella is one of the most luxurious, beautiful and prominent cities on the Costa del Sol, and of course, there are the high class escorts, if you still don’t know what we mean, or if you are looking for one of them, we will tell you everything you need to know about it.

High standing escorts, more than beautiful girls

Surely you are wondering, how is a high standing escort in Marbella different from a common escort. In the first place, a high standing Escort has an exclusivity contract, that is, she works only for an agency, in such a way that you can guarantee your privacy, the security of your belongings, and, in addition, the security of the protection of your data.

On the other hand, a high-class escort, in general, is a professional model who occasionally wishes to have an affair with a businessman of great culture, what we can call, “a true gentleman.” .

A high-class escort is very intellectually prepared, in most cases, they speak more than one language fluently, and tend to have extremely interesting conversations. Some gentlemen request them as company ladies, and translators, while others prefer that they accompany them to parties, work lunches, business parties, cocktails, events, since they always know how to dress for the occasion.

A escort of high standing , is a precious jewel in the world of women who share their time, desires and fantasies, it is a safe bet, if you want the company of a fine, beautiful and elegant girl.

What is a high standing escort like?

Imagine a girl with an angel face, perfect breasts, a wasp waist, a beautiful and firm hips but not excessively voluptuous, but truly elegant. She is a beautiful lady, extremely elegant, and undoubtedly prudent.

Dealing with clients by a high standing escort is always much more delicate, close, and with all the privacy you require. The glamor, and protocol of it are aimed at pleasing the most demanding men.

high standing escorts are always available for VIP clients, and if you prefer one in particular, it will be enough to book one or two days before your appointment, indicating what your plans are, so that she can choose the appropriate clothes for each activity you want to accompany you, since they always love to look perfect.

And also the fact that these girls have a wonderful personality does not mean that in bed they are extremely hot, so, without a doubt, you will spend an infinitely full of pleasure night, fulfilling your magnificent and delicious fantasies as well.

Spending a night with a high class escort is a pleasure reserved only for great men who can afford this wonderful luxury. She will be ready to please you and also to accompany you to all the activities that you have scheduled, without a doubt you will want to repeat this wonderful experience.